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End of Year Round Up: Highs and Lows of 2015

I'm not usually one for romantic reminiscing...and 2016 will be no different,.  However, I do think there's merit in looking back over the year and working out what went well.    I already know what didn't and, in an effort not to spike my anxiety, I'm going to focus on the more positive happenings of the last 12 months.  That's not to say I'm not going to reflect on the things that have gone wrong, but I'm not going to drive myself crazy worrying about them.
Out with the old... 

All I wanted this year was to get along with everyone, move to Wales with LT and see how things went.  I achieved the latter.   I did NOT achieve the former.    2015 was the year that I finally took a stand against something I believed in and it didn't make me universally popular.   I'm genuinely sorry about that, but I am glad I put my foot down.  It's extremely unlike me but, by 37, you should really be able to stand up for yourself, no?  Exactly.

The Big Move:
Some people have moved around so often in their lives, but I'm realy more a stay at home in my comfort zone kind of a girl.   Don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than exploring new places, but I do like to go back to my little cocoon once I'm done.  2015 saw me move, for the very first time, out of Central Scotland.   And it's been terrifying and stressful, but nothing short of fantastic.    Bascially: North Wales rules.   In fact, it's very similar to Scotland.   Fabulous people, jaw dropping scenery and lots of sheep. 

Shoe Boxes - Packing
Me packing up all my essentials for the move to Wales.
The New Job:
I had to resign my position within VisitScotland to move to Wales because you can't really visit Scotland so much when you don't actually live there.    This became the first time in my life I had been unemployed and I didn't enjoy it at all.    Luckily, I manged to secure a position within DWP (working with people who are unemployed) within a couple of months and the salary has kept me in wine and shoes since then.  

The Blog:
I've kept a travel journal for years and always enjoyed being able to look back over them and recounting old stories.   This is primarily because I have a terrible memory, so it's a bit  like reading something for the first time and wondering how the hell I managed to make it home from some of my adventures in one piece. 

After moving to North Wales in May 2015, I decided to start the blog to properly document my journeys.   It's been one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it's been fantastic fun, so far.   I'm now 6 months in and have the most respect EVER for my favourite blogger over at Forever Amber who makes it seem like the easiest and most glamorous job in the world.   Which is extremely impressive when you consider just how much work is involved.    Also: I started mine not having any concept of...well, anything, really.   

Clearly, this isn't my office set up because no wine. 
Health and Wellbeing:
I haven't had a great year, health wise, and I'm still under investigation to sort it out.   Hopefully, 2016 will see things improved.    What I haven't managed to achieve is getting down to my target weight.    Which, to be fair, is probably more in my head than anything else.   I'd like to learn to be happy with my weight in 2016 but I feel I don't quite have it in me.   What I DO have in me is wine and lots of rice...  

I did start running again towards the end of the year, so I hope to increase this and get back to my previous fitness levels in the coming few months.   

With everything that happened in 2015, LT and I didn't get to do quite as much exploring as we usually do.     I have already planned a list of European destinations for 2016, but we've also got one eye on a South Western US roadtrip for late Autumn to hit New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and where ever else the road takes us!

What are your achievements from 2015 and what do you have planned for the next 12 months?

Suzanne x

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