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The Great Monthly Challenge: March

The Great Monthly Challenge: March

Determined to follow on from my whole New Year Challenge thing, I hit March with the same enthusiasm I reserve for getting up an going to work... i.e. I did what I could and then tried to block out the memories.   

This is the new stuff I discovered in March : 

I grabbed a copy of Death Comes At The End at my local charity shop where, incidentally, I buy all my books now.   It's difficult to resist paying 50p for an Agatha Christie thriller, don't you think?

It was really outer design that made me pick it up and, with this, I fell into that well worn trap of judging a book by its cover.    To be fair, I've done worse things and it really did make it look all mysterious and exotic.

Christie wrote some of the novel whilst holidaying by The Nile in Egypt and I was lucky enough to visit her hotel room during one of my trips and was more excited about the prospect of imagining her writing it that I was about reading it.    Strange, but true.  

This should probably have tipped me off to the fact that I'd much rather look at the pictures on cover than the words on the pages and, alas, this has proven to be the case.   I've read a few chapters and haven't exactly been gripped.   I've had it for weeks, so I guess we could say this month's book challenge hasn't gone as planned.     I am determined to get to the end of it, though. Even if it takes me the whole of April.   Which it might.   

The Great Monthly Challenge: March - Reading
I charged my Kindle if that counts for anything? No? 
New Music: 
Instead of finding something new and exciting, I've actually gone back to albums I haven't listened to forever.  This month's album of choice has been 'So Far So Good' by Canadian rocker, Bryan Adams.   

I've never actually been a massive fan of Adams, but there are few songs that I know the words to.   I can't bloody stand that song from Robin Hood, though, so I always skip that one.   I think it's because it was at number one in the charts for my entire childhood.

As it turns out, the greatest hits are just that: great.   I'd totally forgotten just how many fantastic songs Bryan Adams has produced and it's even more impressive, given it was released in 1993.   Anyway, I would like to apologise if you've drive through Dyffryn over the past four weeks and heard the strains of Bryan playing guitar and me screeching out 'Summer of '69' on the farm.   It's impossible not to sing along to at the top of your voice.  

The Great Monthly Challenge: March - TV and Movies
Danny Dyer's gonna be stuck in head for even longer now.  
New TV/Movie 
My indecision/inability to sit down for any length of time makes this one a real challenge.    I haven't watched anything new on TV and still have so much downloaded (The Night Manager, House of Cards Season 4, The Walking Dead, etc) that I haven't quite found time to tune into yet.

I did, however, give 'The Fall of The Krays' 2016 movie a go   I know that Legen with Tom Hardy was also released recently but, I thought I'd try this out first.   I love anything relating to crime; particularly when it's based on a true story, so this made it pretty easy for me to keep my eye one.

Starring Simon as Ronnie and Kevin Lesie as Reg, the movie delves into the murky world of the twins and, with practically every line that was delivered, I was reminded of Danny Dyer.     I have no idea why hearing a cockney accent ALWAYS make me think of him.   It just does.    It's pretty annoying, really.     I used to pretend I was Danny Dyer when I tried to get my dog to do what he was told.   Somewhat surprisingly, didn't work.     Who knew?  

The film concentrates on the violence at the heart of the Krays reign of terror, as well as their slow descent into, well...madness, really.     It's fairly watchable, but I'm not sure I would particularly recommend it. 

The Great Monthly Challenge: March - running
This little guy makes running look like so much fun.   It's not.  
March has, even by my standards, been absolutely dreadful.   I have managed a few runs, mostly towards the end of the month (nothing like a deadline to get me moving), but I've done nothing more with my exercise bike that use it to hang clothes on.     It makes an excellent wardrobe, though.

I assumed, wrongly, obviously, that the advent of Spring would have me energised, and that the clocks going forward would mean that getting home from work while it was still light would encourage me out of my hibernation and get me pounding the local streets.   Not so much, as it happens.     If I don't pick up the pace soon I'll have to call Sibcas to crane me out of bed in the morning.  

Onwards and upwards.     Or something.   

In my defence, I did spend four days wandering around Paris, which clocked up a TON of miles.   I also ate and drank like a maniac, though, so that probably more than cancelled it out.   

Have you made any positive changes in March?   Or, like me, have you failed miserably to really do more than get through the days?  


Suzanne x 

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