Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts about Riga

The Travel Bug has dusted off his walking boots, bought himself a new winter coat, and embarked on his first adventure of 2017 to the beautiful Latvian capital city of Riga. He read all his guide books carefully; used lots on online bug chat forums, and these are the fascinating facts he uncovered:

TTB Riga Latvia
Me outside the House of the Blackheads in the Old Town
Born in Riga as Jakobs Jufess, and later known as Jacob W Davis, this tailor was asked by a customer to design strong trousers for her husband, who worked as a woodcutter.  Jacob's answer was to come up with the basic formula for jeans.  He later teamed up with Levi Strauss to patent the product and the rest is history.  

Riga Balzams:
The city is home to a rather powerful blackcurrant liqueur called Black Balzams. It's made from a combination of 24 different herbs, as well as some extremely strong pure alcohol vodka.  According to stories, Catherine the Great once visited from Russia while full of cold and was cured after a shot of Balzams.  TTB's humans tried it and can confirm that it does, indeed, kill off any bad bacteria in your body.

Riga is home to the largest market in Europe, which is located in Old Town and is housed over five massive zeppelin hangars by the side of the Daugava River. Each hangar is dedicated to a different product; such as meats, fish, cheeses, spices and fruit and veg, and it has plenty of fresh carne for hungry little bugs.... 

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Riga to sure with The Travel Bug?

TTB xx

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