Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Walk Along Busselton Pier, Western Australia

Located in the small town of Busselton, in the famous Margaret River wine region of Western 'Straya, the pier can be found in the beautiful waters of Geographe Bay.   Measuring in at just short of 2km, this is the longest wooden jetty in the entire Southern Hemisphere. 

After flying in from Hong Kong to spend some time with my Aussie family, we drove down to spend the day in the town.   I discovered that there's a train that will happily take you to the end of the jetty but, in the Australian summer, who'd want to be out of the sunshine?

Gonna need a bigger boat...
Looks just like Scotland...
This water is the same temperature as in Scotland, too.

The surrounding scenery is beautiful and it’s a lovely walk out over the crystal blue/green waters of the bay.   Once you make it to the end, sweaty and in need of a refreshing beer, you can chill out a little by paying a visit to the Observatory.   The UWO is under the water, and 8 metres under at that, so you descend down a massive spiral staircase until you arrive at the bottom and can gaze out, all slack jawed and dribbling, at one of Australia’s finest artificial reefs.

There are eleven viewing windows at varying levels and you can spot (if you’re not suffering from heat exhaustion and beer withdrawal), up to 300 different species of marine life and some fabulous coral.   The colours are absolutely spectacular and the surroundings make it feel a bit like you're in Finding Nemo, but without the heartbreak of losing any of your family or the terror of being chased by Bruce the Shark.   Remember: fish are friends, not food. 

Not Nemo.
I have no idea what this is, but the colours are pretty, right?

Busselton is also a popular site for fishing and swimming but, for the reasons stated above, I chose not to partake in either.   I like dry land for the most part.  

It’s such a stunning area to spend a lazy day before the inevitable headache of visiting the wonderful wineries of Margaret River.    Drink responsibly, now…

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