Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day One: Come Fly With Me (and my hangover)

Edinburgh - Newark - Miami

Having to prise myself out of bed at 5am after only being in bed for two hours is a mammoth task.  At 30, I’d have smacked the alarm and positively leapt up but, at 37, I takes a little more convincing.   I hit up the airport at 6, with my hair still in the previous night’s party shape and the remnants of my mascara congealed under my eyes.  Quite a sight for so early in the morning, I can tell you. 

After a quick catnap in the Edinburgh airport lounge, I boarded for Newark.  I had managed to nod off with my head pressed into the back of a chair and ended up with a huge red mark on my head that made me look like I’d been slapped.  That, combined with the party hair and dodgy panda eyes, really enhanced my overall travel look.   I hate those women in airports who always look so well groomed (and by ‘hate’ I mean ‘totally jealous of’).  I always, always look as if I’ve been up half the night drinking.   Only on this occasion, I had. 

I was happy in the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to move for a good few hours and planned to sleep until New York. I promptly nodded off after take off and woke up later feeling pretty much as tired as before. Turns out that this was because instead of sleeping `til New York, I’d only managed to doze until Glasgow. It was going to be a very long day.

I finally arrived in Newark about a year later, grabbed some food and beer, then made way to boarding for Miami. After a short sleep filled flight, I grabbed luggage, bundled it in a cab, and headed for Downtown.  It was - 4 when I arrived in Newark. It was 74 degrees on arrival in Miami.  This meant that my insistence on wearing summer clothes when boarding in Scotland had FINALLY paid off.  First. Time. Ever. 

I'm so proud of you...
I saw tons of people in and around the hotel dressed in running gear and instantly worried that working out was a new state law.  As it turns out, the Miami Marathon was due to begin the next morning.  Huge sigh of relief from the hung-over Scottish girl. 

I managed to wander down to the Waterfront cafĂ© for dinner before heading to the cocktail bar to see what was on offer.  Hair of the dog, and all that.  I tried my first Appeltini, which was a mixture of Apple vodka, Apple Sourz, and possibly some other appley stuff.  It was incredibly good, incredibly green and incredibly alcoholic.  Just what every girls needs to unwind after a long day of flying.   

Hola, Miami!

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