Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cup Cake Cafe, Torphichen, Scotland

Sometimes, there are cold, wet, miserable days (I'm from Scotland, so this happens quite a lot), where all we need is a little pick me up. On these days, I find that cake does the trick.   Luckily for me, roughly half way between mine and my parents home is Cup Cake Cafe.   This means that, not only do I score points for visiting on a Sunday afternoon, I also get to stuff my face afterwards to reward myself for being such a wonderful daughter.  It's a selfless act.
coconut cupcake
Bounty Cupcake - possibly the best cake ever
mint cupcake
dark chocolate mint

The thing I love about Cup Cake Cafe, aside from the cakes, obviously, it that it's a little out of the way and is a great place to just sit down on a Sunday afternoon and relax before you face the prospect of another week filled with work and, well, all the other crap that comes with it.  The other thing I love about it is that there are no labels on the rows and rows of cupcake filled stands.   This means that the waitresses have to learn them all and then rhyme them off to everyone who comes in.  It always reminds me of the conveyor belt challenge on the Generation Game.  I can only imagine how long it takes to memorise them all and I'd want to cry at the start of every new day when the flavours change.   There are days when I struggle to remember why I wandered into a certain room in the house, so I would have no chance of recalling fifteen different flavours of cake.   I could eat them, but not necessarily tell you what was in them.  Luckily for me, during that afternoon's cake recital, I heard the word 'bounty' and that was all the information I needed.  I then felt really bad for having the server go through every choice, when I should have just stopped her and asked if they had anything with coconut and chocolate.   Another creature of habit, LT had to go for the chocolate mint offering.    

On wandering past another table of diners, I spotted a quite humungous teddy bear, who was happily sitting at a table with a young girl.  I assumed it belonged to her and had visions of her insisting to her Mum that Teddy REALLY wanted to go with them and he simply MUST have cake... As it turns out, there was an identical bear near our own table and we discovered that these are actually owned by the cafe. It's such as sweet idea to provide a ready-made teddy bears picnic for their visitors.  I really wanted to grab the other one and bring him over, but I'm 37, so I didn't.    To be honest, I didn't really want to have to share my cake with him, anyway. 

Cup Cake Cafe is located just outside Torphichen in West Lothian and, if you have a spare hour and a spare £10, it's well worth a visit.

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