Saturday, August 29, 2015

Plas Brondanw Gardens

In our quest to keep discovering our new home region of North Wales, we hit up Google and tried to come up with an idea for something to do that was fairly close to our home in Harlech.   After searching for things to do in Porthmadog, I stumbled across Plas Brondanw Gardens.   After reading that it was the home of the man responsible for the design of nearby Portmeirion, I bundled LT into the car and forced him to drive there.
Plas Brondawn Gardens is owned and managed by the Clough Williams-Ellis Trust and is the estate where he lived with his wife.  The estate is open to the public (obviously….we didn’t break in) and admission is £4 per person for adults.  

The gardens are located just outside the lovely village of Garreg and, on approach; we spotted brightly coloured wrought iron gates, which immediately reminded me of Portmeirion.     

The Orangery at Plan Brondanw
The Orangery
The gardens are a fair size, extremely well maintained, and a riot of beautiful colours.    In between the manicured head rows and shaped bushes are iron gates and barriers, which are all painted with a distinctive blue and yellow theme.  

the main house copyright @ sightseeingshoes
Clough Williams-Elis House
Clough Williams-Ellis House copyright @ sightseeingshoes
The main house from the gardens
copyright @ sightseeingshoes
Warning: Extreme Flower Close Up...
In addition to walking around the gardens and checking out the varieties of flowers and plants, we paid a visit to the Café, where the perpetually hungry LT indulged in the most amazing pork and apple roll.  Seriously, people, it was so good that when I asked to taste it, I could see tears welling in his eyes at the mere thought of losing out on a single bite.    I mean he even took a photo of it.    He’ll probably use it as the new wallpaper on his phone…

Plan Brondanw Gardens copyright @ sightseeingshoes
You can't beat a bit of company in the garden.
After prising LT away from the Café, we headed up to the tower, which is on the estate, but in a different location from the main gardens.   You can climb to the top of the tower, but do watch your step as it’s quite a tight space and the ceiling is quite low.  We were fine because we’re too short for this to have any impact, but normal size people would definitely risk knocking themselves out on some stone.    And that’s definitely not the kind of souvenir you want to take home, is it?

Plas Brondanw is open on a seasonal basis, until September 30th.   These are some of LT’s photos from the day.   I’ve left out his lunch.   You can thank me later.

copyright @ sightseeingshoes
Rhododendrons?  Am I right?? 
Plas Brondanw stone slab copyright @ sightseeingshoes
Stone slab commemorating the rebuilding of the main house
copyright @ sightseeingshoes
Climb up the Tower for some amazing views

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