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7 Spooky Halloween Events in North Wales

If you're a Halloween person who loves children knocking incessantly on your door all night, stealing all your sweets, or dressing up and going out and socialising with Strangers, then you might also be the kind of person who would LOVE these spooky events taking place across North Wales.  

Me?  I'll be in Scotland visiting family and trying to scare the living daylights out of my three adorable nephews.   I'm the odd aunt and I do try to live up to my title...

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Mwahahahahahaa.   I'm not scaring anyone, am I?
Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway:
From October 29th - 31st, the railway is holding a number of events to celebrate Halloween, including the Ghost Train (because, obviously) to whisk you away into the never ending darkness...   The night includes a Creepy Cafe, which will be serving up various soups made of toads (that might not actually be true), and other frightening dishes.    They are also fully encouraging you to dress up, so you best get cracking on your costumes! 

Further information and ticket prices can be found HERE

Fright Night in Barmouth: 
For adults only, there's a Fright Night party being held on the 31st October at The Venue Nightclub in Barmouth, starting at the unearthly time of 10pm.    Entry is £6 per person and the party lasts into the wee, small hours when you can venture outside and walk* home if you're brave enough.  I'm kidding, Barmouth's a safe place...but not on Halloween...  


Info on the event can be found on The Venue's fb page, which is helpfully linked HERE 

Quiet neighbours... 
Terror Mountain:
The rather scarily named event is held on the outskirts of Aberystwyth over three weekends (16-17th, 23rd-24th and 30-31st) at The Silver Mountain Experience.   Open from 7pm-11pm and is open to anyone over the age of 12.    The event includes food and drinks and 3 (why just have one?) live action horror mazes.   I have no idea what those might be, but they do sound terrifying.

For ticket and other information, click HERE

Plas Mawr House:
The Conwy Ghost Tour takes place at Plas Mawr House and boasts 5 tours per night from October 26th through to the 30th.   Places are limited to 25 per tour and only adults are permitted on the later tours (at 8pm and 8:30pm).     On the tour, you can hear all about the ghosts who continue to occupy the House and frighten yourself silly so that you may never sleep again.     

Ticket information can be found HERE

Don't go out on the moors... 
Monster Markets:
Held at Wrexham Markets on the 30th October, this event is for all the family and has no admission charge.    Attractions include a treasure hunt, creepy creatures and horrifying face painting (I assume that's for the kids, but there's nothing to stop you asking).    The day runs from 11am-3pm, so should be relatively horror free.  Perfect if you're a massive scaredy cat.     

Information on the Market can be found at Wrexham's Council Page, HERE

Twilight Ghost Tours:
Held at Penrhyn Castle in Bangor, the tours are not suitable for ghosts and gouls under the age of 12.   There are three tours (6pm, 7:3pm and 9pm) and will be held on the 24th October and 27th through to the 31st.   Tickets are priced at £10 each and you will be led through the haunted castle by the housekeeper, who will regale you with spooky tales and unearthly happenings that have taken place exactly in that spot you'll be standing in....  Scared yet?   You should be.

Further details of the Victorian ghost tour at Penryhn can be found by following this magic link

Halloween Spooktacular @ Bodafon Farm:
From 8pm-1am on Saturday 31st October, Llygaid present a night of entertainment at Bodafon Farm, Llandudno.   With fancy dress, retro gaming, food, art and a selection of live music, it's shaping up to be a memorable night (or not, depending on how much you drink) and certainly has something to appeal to everyone.     

Tickets are available from various outlets across North Wales and come in at £10 for a standard ticket and £18 for a VIP, which included a goodie back, food and black fizz.    Let's face it: everything is better with fizz, and I'm sure black stuff is good, too.

A promotional poster with more will appear before your very eyes, if you click HERE

Are you attending any organised events to celebrate Halloween?  

Says it all, really

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