Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Travel Bug's Guide to Wales' Most Haunted Places

The Travel Bug isn't well known for his bravery, so he wasn't too keen to research the dark underbelly of Wales.   However, after being bribed with the promise of sleeping on his human's bed forever, he decided a few restless nights might just be worth it.    

These are his top picks for the most creepy places in Wales.   Be afraid...be very afraid.  

Welsh pumpkin
You can't buy any other type of pumpkin in Wales.  Honestly.   

The Thomas Arms Hotel, Llanelli:
TTB watched a video that was filmed on the CCTV cameras at the Thomas in July 2014, and has point blank refused to EVER go.    

Not only does the Thomas have some recent weird footage, but there are numerous stories of ghosts through the entire town.   TTB wants to know why people still live there and has decided to stay at home in Harlech, where there are no ghosts...that he knows of.  

The Queens Head, Monmouth:
This public house is reputedly haunted by the ghost of an old man who sits by the fire...as old men tend to do.   He does occasionally get up and go for a wander around the premises, though.  As If one ghost wasn't creepy enough, it's good to know that the Welsh paranormal world is all for gender equality, so the Queens Head ALSO has a female spirit in the bar.   

The TTB often finds himself in bars because his humans like wine.   He'll definitely be looking over his little velvet shoulders from now on... 

The A40 near Swansea:
Seriously, this was reported in Wales Online.   The author of a book about Ghost Sex (I'm not even kidding) wrote of a series of incidents where ghosts were seducing people on the A40.    Apparently, the ghost is easily dragged into nearby public conveniences where it will change from the pretty young thing it appeared to be and morph into a haggard old woman.  

To be honest, TTB thinks this is more in line with the story a celebrity would tell to get them out of a, shall we say, potentially embarrassing situation.     He has requested that we do not ever, ever drive on the A40 and just stick to the roads in North Wales.   Or maybe just move back to Scotland.

halloween moon in wales
even the moon is scary in Wales... 
Tivoli Venue, Flintshire:
This old theatre, which is now a music venue and cinema, is said to be haunted by a former projectionist who perished in a 1940's fire at the location.      Some of the current Tivoli staff has reported strange and eerie goings-on during their shifts.  These include having glasses thrown at them (standard saturday night bar behaviour), odd footsteps in rooms where there are no people and images on cameras showing a body hanging from an upstairs room.    

The Travel Bug has decided that even the thought of watching a new Bug's Life movie release wouldn't be enough to make him visit Tivoli.
TTB does Denbigh Asylum
Denbigh Asylum: If we don't look directly at it, we can go to our happy place and pretend we're somewhere else.
The North Wales Hospital:
This abandoned mental asylum in Denbigh has a long history of odd happenings.   The fact that it's now derelict does nothing to detract from its wonderful creepiness.   TTB was scared just looking at the building in a photo and did NOT want to go along when his Humans popped up for a visit.  

In 2008, the TV programme, 'Most Haunted' visited the site to record footage and the results were very scary.    The locals weren't quite so pleased by the attention.    Maybe they've got something to hide, or maybe they just don't like Yvette Fielding....we'll never know.   

You are NOT allowed to enter the building, as it is in a state of some disrepair, which was absolutely fine with The Travel Bug.   It is absolutely not forbidden because it's totally haunted by the spirits of lobotomised patients.   No, sir.  

A full post on our visit to the Asylum is HERE.  

Skirrid Mountain Inn, Abergavenny:
Billed as one of the most haunted properties in South Wales, the Skirrid Mountain Inn lies a few miles away from the centre of Abergavenny.   Rooms in the old Inn were previously used for a number of executions by hanging, so it's no surprise that visitors have complained of tight feelings around their throats and the sensation of having their breathing restricted by rope.   

Even the proprietor's grand son has had a spooky experience in the Inn.   TTB has made his humans promise that if he ever sees a ghost, we'll move house immediately.   

Have you had any haunted experiences in Wales to scare the bejesus out of The Travel Bug??  

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