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4 Great Pancake Joints in North Wales

With Shrove Tuesday fast approaching, I thought I'd go through my favourite pancake places in North Wales.  I don't wished to be sued if you put on weight or become addicted as a result of visiting any location on this list, though.   If that happens,  you're own your own.   I've got my own high calorie demons to fight.

4 Great Pancake Joints in North Wales.
Strawberry pancakes to die for.  Not literally, obviously.  That would be wrong.

Disclaimer: You were warned:

Dutch Pancake House, Conwy:
It even just SOUNDS like the kind of place that produces high qual cakes, doesnt it?

DPH is located within Conwy Water Garden in Rowen and is a fully licensed premises, offering a staggering 65 different variations of pancake.   I can't even begin to conjure up that many combinations, but I'd definitely like to try them all.

As well as amazing cakes, TDPH also has the added attraction of being atttaction within another attraction.  Are you still following?  Good.  Also contained within Conwy Water Garden is an Aquatics Centre, nature trail and fishery.   

So, if you're looking for a fun day out for all the family AND amazing pancakes, well, you've come to the right place.  

Hickory's, Rhos on Sea;
I haven't visited this exact location, but I've been known to eat breakfast at the outlet in West Kirby on the Wirral.   Hickory's is a chain of American BBQ houses and where there's American food, there are American Pancakes.  

I love the whole atmosphere in Hickory's and the staff have always been top notch.   There are few things better of a morning  than grabbing an outside table (weather permitting, obis  and enjoying a stack of pancakes, decorated with rashers of bacon and smothered in maple syrup. 

Note: outside tables also give you the advantage of indulging in some clapping of the dog whose owners are sat at the table next to you.   Bonus points for that.  

Great North Walian Pancake Joints : Dutch Pancake House
This is me.

Dyl's Pancake Cafe (Cafi Crempog), Porthmadog:
This little gem is a fairly new addition to Porthmadog, but I'm led to believe it was previously trading at another location.   I'd like to apologise to those people.  Your loss is very much our gain.  

You can eat pancakes at any time of day (possibly the best marketing line ever) and Dyl's doesn't just stop there.  It also encourages your type 2 diabetes by serving up some pretty fantastic looking cake, all at great prices.

If you, like me, often get dragged to Wilkos round the corner at the weekend to research sanding machines (true story), might I boldy suggest you get dropped off at Dyl's and indulge in some coffee and pancakes while you wait for the whole 'power tool obsession' to die down.  

You're welcome.  

Great North Walian Pancake Joints - Porthmadog
Jack Johnson's favourite way to start the day...

The Royal Ship Hotel, Dolgellau:
OK, so Belgian Waffles aren't pancakes: this I know.  However, they are every bit as tasty; particularly when served with strawberries and maple syrup in the newly renovated surroundings of the Ship in the centre of Dolgellau.

I take care of my real work in Dolgellau during the week and have, on occasion, found myself veering towards the Ship and it's hearty waffle plates, even why I'm trying to go in the other direction.  It's like the Bermuda Triangle, that place.

Also, just a short walk away from The Ship is Dylanwad Gwin, which also serves a toffee waffle.  Why not go crazy and have them both?     It's only Pancake Day once a year!    Besides, you've got another 364 days to work off all those extra calories before the next one... 

Do you have any other recommendations for pancakes, crepes or waffles in North Wales that I should be checking out?

Suzanne x

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