Tuesday, February 16, 2016

(Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Sundays

I have a love-hate relationship with Sundays.   When I was younger and largely free of any responsibilities, I loved the final day of the weekend and would often spend the morning in bed watching TV before dragging myself out and padding around the house, drinking tea and generally doing nothing.    These days, I can't keep still long enough to do that.    That, and I currently don't have a TV in my bedroom, so that makes that whole 'Netflix marathon' thing a little more challenging.    Besides, now that I'm a property grown up, I have Things To Do.   Really, uninteresting, boring stuff...like washing.   And doing a weekly shop.   And trying not to think about the impending arrival of Monday.   

healthy food
This is what I SHOULD be eating on a Sunday.    Instead, I'm eating bagels and crisps.   
Mostly, I spoil my Sundays by worrying that I should be making more of them.   I get to thinking that I probably haven't done as much exercise as I should during the week; I've probably eaten too much and should cut back; I haven't really had a chance to read and should dedicate some time to that and I've likely not been speaking much Spanish (or than to The Travel Bug) and that I should probably be revising more.    THEN I get started on how much blogging I've neglected to do the previous week and how disorganised I am.  Really, what I do on a Sunday is beat myself up.    

Therefore, in my wisdom (!) I have decided to put things straight.   Or, you know, make a half assed attempt at it, anyway.    

I, Suzanne, do solenmly swear to:  

* Take time out to watch that Episode of Homeland for the second time because the first time I watched it I was blogging and have no idea what was going on.

* Lie in bed with a cup of tea and go through my to do list for the week

* Get out for a quick run, as I know all too well it’ll make me feel better.  For the love of God, woman, even 1 is better than nothing.  

* Take an hour with LT to head up to our favourite Café and spend time chatting and planning for the week ahead.

* Gather ideas for future blog posts and make a list

* Update my iPhone with music because I’ve been listening to the same one album for WEEKS and I need something new to get me through my daily commute.

* Sort out my outfits for the following week to avoid looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards in the office on Monday. (and also Tuesday to Friday). 

It seems silly, as there’s nothing on my list that really takes up any great chunk of time, but I seem adept at managing to ignore forward planning and taking time out to relax in favour of worrying about stuff I can’t control.   If I spend more time controlling the stuff that IS within my grasp, maybe my Sundays will be a little more ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ and less ‘Sunday Morning Nightmare’.   It might just work.

Do you have any Sunday rituals that you always do, or any forward prep that helps organise your week?

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