Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Travel Bug's Three Fascinating Facts About Swansea

The Travel Bug's 3 Fascinating Facts About Swansea

The Travel Bug is enjoying his new life in Wales since he flew down from Scotland.   He's having a lovely time enjoying his favourite hobbies of eating carne, sleeping and exploring.   This week, he's decided to focus his research on Wales' second largest city, Swansea, in the hope that he'll uncover something so fabulous that his humans will take him there on his next trip. 

Swansea marina
So many boats, so little time.  
  • During the Second World War Blitz, the Luftwaffe unleashed hell on Swansea with the dropping of more than 1,200 bombs and 56,000 IEDs.    They completely destroyed a large portion of the city and killed more than 200 people.    This makes The Travel Bug very sad and he doesn't like fighting.   Except with cats:  he hates cats.    El gate bastardo...
  • The oldest ever Welsh person, who lived until he was more than 112 years old, was from Swansea and The Travel Bug thinks this is quite an achievement.    

  • Swansea has produced some very intelligent people.    The leader of the Large Hadron Collider, Dr Lyn Evans (who has a CBE, no less), and Sir Clive Grainger, who has a Nobel Prize for Economics.    The Travel Bug likes intelligent people, even though his own brain is made of what looks like cotton wool stuffing.  

Do you have any fascinating facts about Swansea to share with The Travel Bug??

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