Saturday, March 26, 2016

What's On In Wales: MoMA, Machynlleth

beth sydd ymlaen n Cymru

Like everyone else in the world, I lead quite a busy life and often feel that I don't have enough time to fit everything in.    As I work full time hours/write the blog/look at photos of dogs dressed as humans on the internet, it's easy to see just how productive a girl I am.   

To further enhance this, I decided I'd do a spot of lunch time learning and make the most of the hour between 1 and 2pm, where I have successfully completed half a day, but still have another half to go. 

Since there's very little else to do in this time (because apparently it's frowned upon to go to the pub), I thought I'd check out some of the local attractions, shows and exhibitions.

This week I visited the new exhibition at the Wales Museum of Modern Art in Machynlleth, 'Romanticism in the Welsh Landscape'.   

What's On in Wales: MOMA
Romanticism in the Welsh Landscape
The exhibition is made up of private and public works of art and guides you through the role that Wales played in the origin and revival of the Romantic art era and is curated by Dr Peter Wakelin.

This is a major event in MoMA's calendar and has taken over the Pulpit Room, Tannery Gallery, Bridge and Owen Galleries within the centre.     

MoMA is a stunning space to wander around and is finished to such a high standard that it rather makes me want to touch everything.   I don't, though - I don't want to be banned from going back.   

What's On In Wales: MoMA
MoMA, Machynlleth
There are guides on hand to answer your questions and some extra ones to follow round at the back of me, making sure I don't hug anything.  I'm joking, obviously.   I prefer licking stuff to show my appreciation.

In addition to the paintings themselves, MoMA also has a host of events taking place throughout the duration of the exhibition, such as Artists' Discussion, an afternoon of readings, a Day School, and Gallery Tour with the Curator.    

The exhibition runs from March 19th through to June 18th.   Admission to MoMA is free of charge and it's open between 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday.     MoMA also has a lovely little tea room on site, where you can rest your weary gallery-pounding feet after you're done.    

Off you go....  Do come back and let me know how you got on, though.

Suzanne x 


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