Saturday, December 05, 2015

Christmas Chillin' at Liverpool Ice Bar

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Liverpool.   Since meeting my little Wirralian, I've been lucky enough to make numerous trips through the Kingsway tunnel into the Merseyside hotspot.    

This year, we thought we'd go and check out what the city has to offer during the festive period.   I don't like Christmas.   All the pressure of gift buying and the sheer attention to detail for is, quite frankly, exhausting.   Seriously, people, it's one day!   I do quite like the time off work, though.   Oh, and not being judged for having a glass of wine with breakfast is also pretty sweet.  

Because of my perennial bah humbug attitude, it can be difficult to entice me into any kind of festive activity or event.   However, after discovering that Liverpool has an ice bar, and after telling LT just how fabulous the Stockholm equivalent was, I knew I had to take him for a visit.   Also: cocktails.

Welcome to the Ice Bar...

As part of Liverpool's fabulous ice festival, the ice bar and associated freezing attractions, such as the skating rink and the UK's largest ice slide, are located at Chavasse Park.   The ice bar temperature sits at a chilly minus 3 degrees, which is pretty similar to a regular spring day in Stirling, so it's pretty cosy for a Scot.    I jest, of course; it was baltic.   

Luckily, your £7.50 adult ticket gets you a 25 minute lock in and comes with a rather attractive sheet of tin foil to stave off the frostbite.    Helpfully, you also get gloves so that you can lift the complimentary cocktail glass, which is carved from ice (because obviously). 

Liverpool ice bar glass
No chance of luke warm sprits in Liverpool 
The overall space is pretty small, but the carved seats, sculptures, glasses and, of course, the bar, are amazing.    When you book your tickets, you can choose a particular slot and limited space dictates that only so many visitors can be inside at one time.   This ensures that everyone gets the chance to take lots of shots, enjoy their cocktail and sit on the ice throne.  It also gave me time to stick my tongue on to some of the sculptures and pretend it was stuck.   Hey, don't judge me; I don't get out much.

ice bar liverpool
a minimalist look
To be fair, 25 minutes is just the right amount of time for a small drink and a wander round the bar.  The carvings are incredible and the whole space is pretty impressive.   The atmosphere in the bar was also brilliant, but I find that's just an everyday thing in Liverpool.   I paid more than double the price for a ticket in Stockholm's Absolut Vodka Bar, but Liverpool's is every bit as impressive.  Also, it's closer to home, so it saves on all that travel...  

If you have little people attached to your being around Christmas time and can't go into the ice bar, you might want to try a skating'  and a slidin' around the rest of the Ice Festival.   

Further details and ticket prices can be found HERE.  

Liverpool ice bar
I can't even make ice cubes

The Wizard of Ice
The Wizard of Ice

liverpool ice bar
I'm still unsure what this is...

Have you visited Liverpool's (or any other) Christmas Festival yet?  

Suzanne x 

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